1999- Company started its operation with unique scientifically designed uterine tonic "Uteen".

2000-Company expanded its operation in Vidarbha region with "Uteen” and established its presence in Indian Market. In the same year company has launched its mega brand indiffer with unique and novel "CADD" technology.

2001- With great success and acceptance of both brands "Indifer" & "Uteen" in vidarbha region. Company expanded and started its operation in chattisgarh and Madhyapradesh.

2002-Naticon Research labs got again a great success in chattisgarh and Madhya-Pradesh expanded its feathers to fly in Eastern Maharashtra region.

2003- After successful launch in eastern Maharashtra company started its operation in western Maharashtra. In last two expansion Dicka & Dicka F brands of company received very high acceptance in orthopedic and other segments.

2004- Corporate head office in the heart of city Ramdaspeth Nagpur "NATICON HOUSE".

2005- Received a quality excellance award for "uteen".

2006-Becomes the first company to launch a First GI Tontic in India "Stimup" and added various new brands.

2007-08-Becomes the first company to have most economical "ofloxacin" brand "Zolcin-o"and pantaprazole "Gutfit" in India.

2009- Thde company launched the brand "Three NC" a first product in Gynecology segment to prevent PIH, Oligohydrominos and low foetal weight. Company also upgraded organizational structure with HR(Human Resource), PMT(Product Management), Finance, Production and Customer service department.

2010- With increasing market share company launched a new division "Indicon" with highly accepted pharmaceutical formulation of Indian Pharma market.

2011-New brands with new technology and newer composition were launched.

2012-Launched a unique product with scientifically designed and clinically proved brand "Astabis".