Mr. Shibu Raghunath Babu
Mr. Shrikant Gupta
Mr. Anoop Tiwari

Naticon is proud to be one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies of India. Naticon’s origin can be traced back to 1999. Naticon was born with a vision to provide health care to the poorest of poor.

During the last 18 years of journey, we have strived hard to deliver “High performance and Growth at minimum cost” through high quality products, innovative technology and strategic services to our esteemed customer.

As macro and socioeconomic conditions are the “DRIVING” factors for growth of any industry and particularly pharmaceutical industry, changing socioeconomic status in India has forced our industry to launch and sell newer combinations which has also resulted in making drugs more affordable to the population. Keeping in trend with changing times, Naticon has recently ventured into the new emerging market of novel drug delivery. A step towards this was with the launch of Asidrop MD the ayurvedic mouth dissolving formula.

At Naticon the core value we practise is based on the belief that pharmaceutical industry can only grow with the trust of people and trust will only come with high quality and effective products & services.

Coming days will be brighter as we launch new products in all divisions & strengthen our presence in pharmaceutical industry. At Naticon we will soon be a family of 1000+ Naticonians. The team will contribute to build a company which we all will be proud of.

Soon Naticon will not only set foot prints across India but will have a global presence.

We are thankful to all Doctors, Consumers, Distributors, Pharmacists and Health Care Institutions who have placed immense trust on our Brands.

We wish all our Associates, Doctors, Pharmacists and Employees success and prosperity over coming years.


Naticon Research Labs Pvt Ltd.the fastest
growing pharmaceutical company


Backed by committed, enthusiastic, professionals and with innovative and trusted products.


1. Integrity and high standard of ethical conduct.
2. Strong marketing and sales